Caliber Collision 

As the largest collision repair provider in the US, Caliber wanted to not just compete in terms of human centered experience, they wanted to set a new high bar for the segment. They looked to us to provide them with not only a best-in-class user experience, but also a digital design system that would flex across devices and use cases, from booking appointments, to shop managers checking in on jobs under less-than-ideal lighting conditions.

Our design process involved really understanding the varying mental states of customers. Had they been putting off an oil change? Or had their car been in a major accident and they were injured? There was a wide range of anxiety types in our personas that we had to answer to.

The source of inspiration for responding to this spectrum of mental states was quite literally the rainbow device in Caliber's branding. We interpreted it in different ways - for example, picking out solid colors reiminicent of highway signage helped users find their way for varying services from glass repair to fleet service.

Reinterpreting the entire spectrum as a sort of surface reaction like iridescence, or anodized titanium, gave it relevancy within the design of the automobile itself - it became the reflection in your mirror, or the flash of color on a custom exhaust pipe or ground effect lighting.


Details like dashboard-inspired iconography completed the bumper-to-bumper design sytsem

As design director, I shaped the look and feel of the experience, considering type, interpretation of color, and execution of flows like appointment booking or insurance forms.


The color system brings structure to the Caliber spectrum - using specific solid colors to designate different services. Typography is inspired by automotive brands, highway signage and dashboard labels.


We link back to real-world experience with many small details like the black logo box that resembles street-level signage.


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