Luvo Foods

Luvo Foods is a challenger brand in the frozen food market. It offers a clean, delicious alternative to many sodium- and artificial ingredient laden “healthy” products on the market. My work at Luvo spanned a few years and focused on zeroing in on the busy professional needing quick-prep, accessible and nutritious meals.

This longer term project had me involved in a number of arenas. I delivered a complete refresh of the core digital property, redesigned the packaging system, contributed to social and branded content development, and drove yearly marketing campaign concepts.

First as art director, I added new stories to the brand, which helped boost social audiences to 200k in 2 years, and drove user experience refinements. Then as creative director, I refreshed packaging with a cleaner, but still cuilinarily inspired direction, and led creative on the ecommerce channel launch.


Creative direction Peter Chlebak | UX Renee Ng



Luvo Foods got its start selling in grocery stores - over 5,000 across North America. As we re-oriented towards a younger, busier audience, we wanted to give them the ability to order Luvo on the go, from anywhere. This would require an entire refresh of the digital marketing property and introduction of an ecommerce channel.

To achieve an engaging and integrated experience, we looked to the draw of the food itself – it’s a bounty of colorful ingredients that tended to clash with any heavy UI elements.

Rather than having UI color clash with food photos, we utilized the food as an almost biological draw – we focused on letting the food be the wayfinding device, like you were following your nose. In that way we paid special attention to consistency in photography and minimizing the user interface palette. Working closely with the ux designer, we developed an accessible-friendly color set to accommodate an older sub-audience of frozen food buyers.


We focused on letting the food be the wayfinding device, like you were following your nose


Luvo's core business was single serve meals, delivered on a number of channels — grocery, club ecommerce, and in-flight.

One of the key challenges was creating connectivity between these disprate spaces, to say, draw people to the freezer aisle after consuming a meal on Delta Airlines. 

One mechanism I used to enable this was discoverables like nutrition facts within the in-flight packaging that then drew the diners into a social channel, where grocery packaging visuals were more prevelant.


Working closely and strategically with a Kelly & Kelly Co, we created a branded content web-series called The Lunch People about different office characatures negotiating lunchtime at the office. I supported concept development, production, and marketing on the project.

Rather than speaking to product qualities, The Lunch People focused on anti-values like inconvenience, unhealthyness, and inaccessability for comedic effect



We launched Lunch People on multiple platforms, with a landing page as a home. Each character was assigned a favorite meal so we could link back to the brand.

We further supported the story with "tag a friend with this" memes and flat-lay desktops for each character.


Besides Lunch People, I created a lot of content, either campaign based or linked to the social channel narrative. In most cases, I was involved at the storytelling level, as well as execution in animation or video.

Campaign work

Every year the team would pitch high level marketing concepts to c-suite, often put against creative agencies. I would either strongly contribute or lead each year's pitch and follow through with execution across media.


It's Inside Campaign Shopping cart ad


Food to Thrive on Campaign


Flipped product launch campaign

Ambassdor Campaigns

Parallel to our core brand campaigns, we worked with world-class athletes like Derek Jeter and Russell Wilson. We sought out common values to build resonant stories around nutrition and phyiscal activity. Derek founded an organization that helps youth steer towards healthy active lifestyles so the partnership was a natural fit.





social growth over two years


products launched


organic views on Lunch People web series


retail store presence


retail store presence

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