Red Eye Tek

Red Eye Tek is a cannabis delivery system that forms the top-teir line at major Canadian distributor West Coast Gifts. With its highly unusual iridescent finishes and lab-quality build, it occupies a very specific niche within the cannabis market. 

The challenge from a marketing and creative standpoint was to find that niche market and deliver the message of quality, durability and beauty with language they would understand. At the same time, we couldn't alienate a customer that cherished the functionality of the product.

The direction we landed on was inspired by the relatively recent vaporware aesthetic, but simplified from its more esoteric roots. 

It's a difficult explain and ever-changing aesthetic, born of early-era Macintosh graphics, and filled with grids, statue heads, and neon lighting. The dynamic asethetic of vaporware was in a way a great proxy to explain the ever changing finish of Red Eye Tek products.



Photography: Gabriel Cabrera

The photography leverages set pieces inspired by the changing colors and finishes of the product, set in lighting scenarios that expressed the multi-dimensionality of the glass.


To push the photography into a more vaporware aesthetic, and to speak to technical details and quality, I toned and layered them with grids, graphic devices, and type to create montages that would come to play roles througout the ecommerce experience, either paired with explainers or used as visual breaks.



Knowing that the color on the devices was constantly shifting, I used a lot of responsive motion to help create a sense of dynamism when it made sense. This age gate also served as a travel portal that signaled the dynamic world ahead.

The home page builds in elements piece by piece as you scroll.

The home page builds in elements piece by piece as you scroll.

As you browse product categories, the entire website shifts color to reflect a different pathway and the color-shifting properties of the glass.



Shopify provided a familiar and tested ecommerce environment which allowed me to focus on the user experience. My challange here was to express a sense of ever-changing colors, without destabalizing the familiar ecommerce shopping exprience.

The end pattern I leveraged started with bold, prismatic color that gave way to pastels, then finally white as the visitor journeyed through product discovery and selection. 





3 months

go-to-market timeline

3 months

go-to-market timeline


custom interactive animations


custom interactive animations

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