Bzam cannabis worked with me to build a value-oriented brand to live under their umbrella. They already had a well-defined house brand, as well as a lush, beauty-driven, 70s inspired line, so the first task was to find a niche that would work for a budget-concious consumer.

After pitching a few concepts, we settled on a direction that had a low-budget DIY vibe that celebrated the creativity that emerges out of limitation. It's a brand and visual toolset inspired by dollar store signage and a voice driven by dry humor and self-deprication. 

The result is a brand that feels streetwise and polished, positively surprising the consumer with delivery on its promises of value and accessability. 


A dual message of sophistication and value are delivered by simple shapes and a mix of colors inspired by second-hand stores, generic brands, with a touch of creative-class refinement. Patterns nod to mid-century Canadian design and sparse layouts and arresting color combinations are inspired by the 80s minimalist Canadian Noname brand.


A set of badges built within the visual standards deliver dollar-store reverence and street-wise vibes, with many opportunities to create humor through context.

The voice is aware of itself as a budget friendly brand, but one that doesn't suffer from genericness. It's confident in its position in the market, and happy to poke holes in itself, breaking walls and injecting self-effacing humor. It celebrates creativity created by limitation.

The vibe is — with only a few bucks to your name and a few ideas, the potential for something great (or at least interesting) to happen is pretty much guaranteed.


Working with an existing logo that was rooted in vintage inspiration created a challenge in itself. Too many cannabis brands carry 60s and 70s references to the heyday of the movement and don't really do the product justice.

To push the brand further, I stripped it down to its basic elements and built them back up with the modernized color set and typographic contrast.


Wearable pieces were inspired by artist-driven streetwear brands.


Retail installs are designed to feel homey and DIY-created but still pulled together as a brand.

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