I’m a Canadian designer living in Los Angeles, California with my wife, eight-year-old, and Boston terrier.

I live and breathe design. My side gig is designing film titles, and in my free time I draft home renovation projects with lots of plywood, and if I still have time, write and play music. I also love cooking - specifically the design system part of it: preparing a bunch of ingredients that make  dinners easy and fun to put together. I’ve been known to fix random things like iPhones, 80s road bikes, and  espresso machines. I let these hands-on things work their way into my practice in the form of never-say-die problem solving and creativity on tap. 

Finally, I love injecting humor into my work. When I'm not building global design systems for American Express and Samsung, I'm photoshopping broccolis on Drake in a microwave for a frozen food company.


I got my love for  design working for food companies, because it was a place I could really see the positive impact design could have on the world.

I want to reconnect the world back to real experiences & real food.

I want to reconnect the world back to real experiences & real food.

I want to reconnect the world back to real experiences & real food.

Luvo photography work

Years later, I still take this ethos to every project I work on. I believe every design choice I make needs to be more than just creating a better customer experience - it needs to shape the world into a better place, even if it's a small amount. 

I've brought millions better experiences, partnering with global leaders, innovative startups and CPG brands like these.

I've brought millions of people closer to feeling great, partnering with great startups and CPG brands like these.



American Express has long been a leader in elevating what a financial services company could be. 

We brought the concept of a portal, inspired by the ubiquitous square Amex mark, to their social identity as way to invite and bridge customers to all the great experiences they have on offer. 

I contributed to this project as design director.

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Adidas Food Lab

Adidas has long been a staple of performance goods for people across the world. However they haven't forayed into edible performance until they approached Luvo Foods.

As creative director at Luvo, I found commonality in brand values between the partners to launch Food Lab, a beta-launch mechanism for new performance-based food products developed by Luvo for Adidas. 

Food Lab was built as a new brand to house the launch, and gather feedback in one efficient movement. People visited the Food Lab, tasted the offerings, and gave feedback on flavour and performance benefits, guiding Adidas' foray into the edible performance market.

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Foodee corporate catering creative direction

As the early stage design leader at Foodee, I saw an opportunity to disrupt the way how people eat at lunch at work — classically it's a  sad desk lunch eaten alone in a cubicle, isolated in a food desert.

I wanted to bring real value to not only office workers, but office managers who are tasked with creating a place where people wanted to be (not an easy task!) Working closely with select local restaurants, we identified win-win relationships - office managers procured great food, and restaurants could increase their output during off-peak hours.

By connecting offices with the best kitchens around, Foodee brings dietary and nutritonally geared options to everyone. Secondarily, the service creates a communical eating culture to offices, proven to boost morale and employee mental health.

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Creative Direction and packaging design for Performance Kitchen
Brand identity design for Performance Kitchen

Food fuels your day. But the right foods drive your performance. This brand sought to make high quality vegetables, proteins and whole grains (in the right ratios) available to everyone in the form of ready-made meals. By cryogenically freezing them, nutritents are locked in and the meals are ready in minutes - perfect for anyone, from athletes to low-mobility seniors.

I took a brand concept from napkin sketch to grocery aisles nation wide in 12 months with a brand identity and packaging system. We drive wellness metrics by calling out key nutritional benefits on pack. At the same time, we balance the science with the inherent beauty of perfectly prepared vegatables. Innovative food design gears these prepared meals towards performance-based metrics like sleep and long-term energy.

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